A carpet is a long-lasting, attractive, cost-effective and durable option for many local business owners. However, with so many commercial carpeting solutions, it can be hard to know which company to choose when it comes to installing carpet in your commercial space. We are the area’s premier commercial flooring provider. We specialize in a variety of services including installation, repair, removal and replacements of commercial floors of all kinds. We also provide a wide range of follow up services.

Pros of Installing Carpet inYour Commercial Space:

Noise Reduction: A carpet is perfect for a shared, open concept office space as it promotes silence by muffling sounds such as walking, chairs moving and other common noises.

Easy Cleanup: Cleaning carpet is simple, quick and efficient. It just involves a nightly or weekly vacuuming and the occasional deep steam cleaning service. Holiday Carpet Service Inc. offers convenient and affordable carpet cleaning packages, and other follow up maintenance services for our clients. Ask one of our professionals to find out more about this popular service.

Safe: The tread and softness of a carpet reduce the risk of slips, falls and injuries, therefore making your commercial space a safer place to be for your clients and staff members.

Stylish: There are many stylish and sophisticated carpeting options to suit any commercial space. Whether it is an office, banquet hall, movie theatre or other commercial venues, we have a variety of carpet styles just for you.

Our Promise of Quality

At Holiday Carpet Service Inc., we have worked very hard to earn our reputation as being the area’s expert carpeting company. We have made a name for ourselves by consistently providing high-quality work at affordable prices time and time again. We continue to strictly adhere to this standard of quality to live up to our reputation and keep our clients satisfied. All of our jobs have an on-site manager to oversee and inspect to ensure the quality and timely completion of the work being done.

Quick and PainlessCarpet Installation From Holiday Carpet Service Inc.

In addition to always looking out for quality control, we are also diligent about providing you with our services in a timely fashion. We know that installations and repairs can be costly disruptions to your workflow. That is why we only hire seasoned professionals who are licensed, qualified and skilled at carpet installation. Our amazing and talented team coupled with the industry standard tools that we use make a winning combination.

If you are in the market to renovate or upgrade your commercial space, look no further. At Holiday Carpet Service Inc., we have the right solutions to get your space up and running in no time. Call us today or stop by in person to find out more and to take a tour of our showroom. You’ll be glad you called!

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