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What are the differences between vinyl and linoleum flooring?

While linoleum and vinyl are two very durable and popular flooring materials, there is one main difference between the two. That is that linoleum is made of linseed oil which is a naturally occurring substance that comes from flax seeds. Vinyl, on the other hand, is a completely man-made material that uses petroleum, which is a nonrenewable source. Therefore, when it comes to environmental concerns, linoleum is a much safer solution since it is just as durable, yet is more sustainable to produce and does not pose a risk to the environment.

How can I find a stain to match my existing hardwood floor?

Our commercial flooring experts will be happy to assist you in choosing the best stain to blend with your existing hardwood floor seamlessly. Our team members are trained color experts to make finding a color match quick, easy and painless.

What is the difference between unfinished and pre-finished hardwood?

A finish is the topcoat layer that is applied to wood to give it shine, protection and durability. Unfinished wood must be finished on site whereas pre-finished wood is finished during the manufacturing process.

What are edge treatments?

Edge treatments refer to the shape on the edge of a floorboard. Different edge treatments will result in different looks, depending on the shape of the tile, floorboard or other flooring material.

How will I know how to clean and maintain my floor?

At Holiday Carpet Service Inc., we offer convenient follow-up services that include floor maintenance and much more. We will provide you with an easy to understand guide to follow for easy floor maintenance that will help your commercial floor last for many years to come. In addition to that, we also offer convenient and affordable pre-scheduled maintenance services for all of your commercial flooring needs. Just ask one of our friendly

If I have an issue with my floor, what should I do?

If you have any questions, concerns or issues with your floor, do not hesitate to call us. We will send over one of our expert team members as soon as possible to resolve the issue. To us at Holiday Carpet Service Inc., a job is not finished until you are 100% satisfied.

Do you give recommendations on the best flooring material to use?

Yes. Over the years we have gained lots of experience working with different types of flooring materials. We have the knowledge and expertise to recommend the best flooring material to suit the needs of your space and budget.

How can I get pricing for various flooring options?

One of our friendly team members will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote after asking you a few simple questions to determine your needs and budget.

What are some sustainable flooring options?

Cork, bamboo, linoleum, concrete, and reclaimed hardwood are all amazing options that offer lots of variety for our eco-friendly clients.

How can I get a quote?

Call us today or stop by in person. We are conveniently located with access to all major public transportation routes.

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