Cork Flooring in West Palm Beach

Cork flooring is a great and often overlooked flooring solution for both residential and commercial spaces in West Palm Beach. At Holiday Carpet Service Inc., we specialize in providing practical, attractive and cost-effective flooring solutions to companies in West Palm Beach’s commercial sector. Over the years, we have worked with many clients on many jobs and have garnered the perfect blend of experience and practical knowledge to satisfy any flooring demand. At Holiday Carpet Service Inc., we believe in educating our clients as much as possible so that they feel confident about the flooring solution they invest in. There are many benefits to cork flooring which we will discuss in detail below. This article is meant to inform you as a client to better determine if cork flooring is the right solution for your West Palm Beach space.

Some Benefits of Cork Flooring:

Sound Insulating:

Many of our clients in West Palm Beach use cork as a stylish and effective way to insulate their commercial spaces. For example, we have installed cork flooring in many recording studios, play places, and yoga studios that rely on sound insulation in their day to day practices.


Cork is a naturally soft material that has a noticeably pleasant give when stepped on. This cushioning effect makes cork the ideal choice for yoga studios, play places, kindergartens, and nurseries where physical play and movement is more common.


Cork can withstand common abrasions such as foot traffic, furniture, and heavy items being placed on it. The great thing about cork flooring is that it bounces back, so heavy items such as couches, desks, and tables will not permanently dent it the surface of the floor.

Stylistically Versatile:

There are many design options to satisfy our West Palm Beach clients. For example, cork comes in an array of shapes such as tiles, planks, and sheets. Depending on the vibe of your space, choosing from the vast array of shapes can drastically change the look and feel of the space. For example, large sheets of cork can be used for a minimalistic, natural feel that many of our audio engineering clients favor. On the other hand, cork can be painted into checkerboard tiles for a retro feel that would look great in a retail store, office or restaurant.


Cork requires a very low maintenance care regime. We recommend that our clients regularly sweep and vacuum their cork floors and only mop it on occasion. Cork is very easy to sweep as it does not adhere to dust, crumbs, and particles. Proper care and maintenance of your cork floor can result in a floor that lasts up to 40 years! This is great news for cost-conscious consumers who want to save money in the long run.


Cork flooring provides a natural allergy reducing flooring solution. Perfect for doctors offices, entryways, hallways, and other dust prone spaces.

To learn more about cork flooring, contact us at Holiday Carpet Service Inc. today! We look forward to outfitting your West Palm Beach with a gorgeous floor that you are proud of.