Commercial Carpeting in West Palm Beach

If you’ve been considering upgrading your commercial space with a carpet, you’ve come to the right place. Holiday Carpet Service Inc. is conveniently located in West Palm Beach and has been servicing the local and surrounding areas for many years. We have proven ourselves as trustworthy, hardworking and professional commercial carpeting specialists in West Palm Beach. Contrary to popular belief, upgrading your space with a commercial carpet is a non-expensive and stylish solution for your commercial space needs. The following article will outline some popular choices in West Palm Beach depending on what type of commercial space is in question. This article is meant to inform you as a consumer so that you become familiar with what is common in West Palm Beach to aid you in making decisions for your commercial investment.


Carpets are the top choice for flooring among hotels in West Palm Beach. The great thing about carpeting a hotel is that you can choose from different designs and textures depending on the particular space. For example, hotel lobbies are meant to welcome guests and encourage them to feel at home yet luxurious. Therefore, many of our West Palm Beach hotel clients choose beautiful baroque designs and medium pile textures for their lobby carpets. On the other hand, a private hotel room is often meant to have a modern, sleek and minimal design while still being comfortable and durable. At Holiday Carpet Service Inc., we have a myriad of carpeting solutions to suit every room at your West Palm Beach hotel while never compromising style for comfort and durability.

Office Spaces

Carpets are an ideal choice for an open concept, shared office space due to their cleanliness, durability and noise reduction qualities. The great thing about carpeting an office space is that your employees will enjoy the calm serenity of quiet which will encourage a positive work environment while also remaining easy to maintain and clean. A carpet needs only be vacuumed regularly and deep cleaned with steam annually, making it an ideal choice for the budget-conscious consumer. Unlike hardwood floor, a carpet does not scuff or exacerbate loud noises, making it a perfect choice for our West Palm Beach office space.

Recreation Spaces

An intricately designed, low pile carpet is a wonderful choice for your West Palm Beach ballroom, games room, events space, and studio. Guests will be impressed with the modern design and quality of the carpet while enjoying the comfort and softness of a soft surface floor.

Retail Spaces

At Holiday Carpet Service Inc., we offer our retail clients a variety of options to suit their West Palm Beach business. For example, our clients who own lingerie stores prefer accommodating their clients with a luxurious carpeted changing room area while opting for hardwood throughout the retail floor. At Holiday Carpet Service Inc., we offer many different packages and choices for these types of situations that require blending two types of flooring materials. Carpets are also an ideal choice for movie theaters and darkened spaces where grip is ideal to minimize noise and risk of injury.

As you can see, there are many different carpet options to suit your West Palm Beach commercial space. Call us today to find out more!