Vinyl Flooring in Miami

If you’re looking for a versatile, sturdy and inexpensive option for your commercial flooring needs, our local qualified, licensed and bonded Miami flooring specialists can’t recommend vinyl flooring enough to our Miami clients. There’s nothing you can’t do to your vinyl floors. They’re waterproof, stain proof, antibacterial, and the hardest flooring to scuff or dent. Not to mention, they do not harbor common allergens such as hair and dust. When you’re considering your options for flooring materials, never overlook the virtues of vinyl.

Vinyl Flooring - Time-Tested and Dependable

Vinyl flooring has been around since the fifties, and it hasn’t changed much since then in terms of its practical benefits. It has gotten one thorough makeover though! One of the great aspects of vinyl flooring is that your design options are practically endless. Vinyl is a veritable master of disguise, meaning you can choose tiling that looks like beautiful hardwood or a sheet of gorgeous marble style for a luxurious look. No matter what your space looks like, there’s vinyl flooring out there that will suit your look.

Versatile, Beautiful and it Won’t Break the Bank!

One of the most obvious benefits of vinyl flooring is the price tag. It’s one of the most inexpensive materials you can choose when you’re looking to finish your floors. Holiday Carpet Service Inc. often recommends vinyl flooring as a budget-friendly material for large commercial spaces, because not only is it much less expensive per square foot but also because the installation is quick and easy. If you need your floors looking their best, vinyl may not be in the luxury flooring price range, but you’d never guess by looking!

Discover a Floor That Works as Hard as You Do!

Miami business operators are some of the most hardworking people we’ve ever met. At Holiday Carpet Service Inc. we think your floors should work overtime because there’s already enough on your plate! Vinyl flooring offers the easiest maintenance out there and is almost immune to the wear and tear of a busy commercial space. No matter how much foot traffic you’re getting, vinyl floors can withstand heavy usage almost indefinitely. Vinyl is a no muss, no fuss option for busy Miami business owners trying to revamp their commercial space, and we’re happy to help show you why.

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Here at Holiday Carpet Service Inc., we’re more than happy to help you figure out what kind of flooring material best fits your needs. One of our specialists can walk you through your options and go over the pros and cons of each kind of flooring. You may not spend much time thinking about your floors, but over here at Holiday Carpet Service Inc., it’s our topic of choice. We can answer any and all questions you might have about your installation options, material choices and the myriad of services we offer in Miami. So, don’t be shy, get in touch today!