Carpet Installation in Miami

Many businesses in Miami postpone their carpet maintenance, installation, and repair services because they fear that the disruption to their work hours would be too costly to be worth the payoff. At Holiday Carpet Service Inc., we know your time is valuable that is why we always allow our customers to schedule our services at off hours so that they do not experience any disrup-tion to their work days. Essentially, when your employees leave work, we will come in and install an entire new carpet without moving, disassembling or endangering any furniture or equipment in the space. We have the techniques and equipment to safely lift heavy furniture items without needing to disassemble them. Once your employees enter the office the next morning, they will be treated to a brand new carpet that is clean, modern, stylish and durable.

A Team of Specialists That You Can Trust

Our team is comprised of a group of skilled, trained, licensed and qualified carpeting techni-cians. Quality and craftsmanship are two aspects of our business that we pride ourselves on. Hardworking, friendly and efficient are just a few ways that our Miami have de-scribed us. We never linger on jobs or take too much downtime, so that your carpeting job can be finished as soon as possible. Our goal is to maintain our reputation as one of the leading car-pet installation companies in Miami by continuing to work hard and provide cost-effective, high-quality carpeting solutions to all of our clients.

Benefits of Commercial Carpet Installation:

Quiet: Carpets are ideal for commercial spaces such as offices and shared, open concept work rooms due to their amazing noise reduction capabilities. Unlike hardwood floors, a carpet can effectively muffle the sounds of footsteps and sliding furniture to keep the workspace quiet and conducive to productivity.

Clean: Carpets require minimal maintenance other than the nightly or weekly vacuum and bi-annual steam clean. At Holiday Carpet Service Inc., we offer convenient, comprehensive and affordable maintenance and follow up services that include cleaning. With the right care, your commercial carpet investment will last for many years to come.

Cost-Effective: With so many durable, stylish and long-lasting options available on the market today, a carpet is a very affordable solution for your commercial space. Carpet very rarely needs repair, refinishing or sanding, unlike hardwood and laminate flooring. Carpet only requires cleaning and with the right care can last up to 10 years.

As you can see, a carpet is a great solution for your commercial space. With Holiday Carpet Service Inc., carpet installation is a breeze and can be done in as little as one night. With our convenient scheduling and impressive price points, you’ll be disappointed that you didn’t call sooner! To find out more about our products, services, and promotions, call us today or stop by in person. One of our friendly and knowledgeable team members will be glad to assist you by answering all of your questions and providing you with a free quote.