We provide our residential customers with the same quality installations as our commercial and hospitality customers.  We primarily deal in carpet installations however we can also purchase your carpet and padding usually much cheaper than the box store competitors due to lower overhead costs. Many box stores will offer "free" installations. Do not be fooled by this, just because they say "free" it does not mean they have not merged the installation costs into the cost of the carpet or other materials.  With Holiday Carpet there are no surprise charges, no "hard access fees" no hidden costs.


Since we are more of a commercial company we do not use a storefront. This provides a lower overhead resulting in cheaper prices for you the consumer.  Even with any storefront, at some point a field measure will be required to determine how much product you will need.  Our simple solution is to bring the samples to your home and field measure at the same time.  The field measure fee is $35.00 however this is credited toward your invoice if you accept our estimate. We can give you a ballpark estimate over the phone to see if new flooring is in your budget before we schedule a field measure.


Our residential services are available locally only in the Miami Dade and Broward counties only.